SPACE offers you a wide variety of yoga styles, whatever your ability and preference. If you are new to yoga or getting back into it after a while we offer many classes that are ‘suitable for beginners’. If you want to push yourself mentally or physically, and perhaps break sweat, try out Kundalini, Detox flow or one of our many Vinyasa Flow classes. If you need to calm the nervous system then Yin or Gentle Yoga are for you. And if you’re a more experienced practitioner then get ready for the SPACE Masterclass!

We have devised three levels at SPACE so that you don’t end up in the wrong class:

All Levels – everyone, no matter what age, level or ability will be fine in this class;

Open Level – generally suitable for everyone, but complete beginners or older students may find some poses difficult, however the teacher will usually offer modifications;

Intermediate – more challenging Vinyasa classes – not suitable for beginners;

If you cannot attend a class you have booked, please cancel within 3 hours. In these times and with reduced numbers every space is precious. Therefore, a late-cancellation fee of £5 will be applied.