Intro to Yin Yoga: Defined in opposition to more dynamic styles of yoga (Yang), Yin helps you enter into a profound state of relaxation and mental release, as gravity does the work instead of physical power. Yin sequences create space in your joints, muscles, mind, and soul; fewer postures held for much longer. Holding these prop-supported poses for what can feel like forever opens the layers of connective tissues around your joints, releasing areas of tension that more dynamic yoga sequences do not have time to access. Yin also gives you the space to observe your thoughts and feelings without identifying with them.

What to expect: In these healing classes you will hold seemingly ‘easy’ postures for up to 3-5 minutes. As you ease into seated or reclined poses you are likely to struggle and want to move. But that is half the battle, however, once you let go you develop an inner awareness and heightened state of calm. A great way to end a stressful day, come move into stillness, self-awareness and serenity. Then go home and sleep like a baby.