Intro to Yin Yang: Yang activity is mobile, quick, active, heating, and typically builds strength. Yin activity is slow, steady, cooling, and softens the core; it focuses on the deeper, denser tissues of the body: joints, bones and connective tissues. Poses are held for longer periods as you release into them with mindful awareness of the sensations and thoughts which may arise. By bringing both Yin and Yang aspects together we can experience all the benefits of both styles and we use these in different ways. Yin Yang is the ultimate yoga fusion, designed to stimulate the male and female flow of energy through your whole body.

What to expect: In this open-level class you will flow through some ‘sun-salutations’, stimulating your blood, muscles and skin, creating heat as the teacher guides you through dynamic and strengthening poses. You will be breathing your body mindfully as you flow gradually into a moving meditation. Next you will be encouraged to move with greater awareness, surrendering (with as much ease as possible), and opening to the experience of gravity and observing your mental chatter. This class invites you to study and understand your own body and mind, and ultimately how to move through your daily life with more intuition and less expectations.