Why practise Yoga? We live in chaotic, fearful times. Due to a combination of factors of which you are well aware stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, chronic physical pain and auto-immune diseases are increasing exponentially. Yoga is the perfect discipline for our times – a safe physical exercise and spiritual antidote to the madness of a world hell-bent on living in fear and driven to excess. The society we inhabit accelerates and exhausts our sympathetic nervous systems to the point where many of us find ourselves on the edge. Yoga alleviates your mind and body by awakening the para-sympathetic nervous system, which ultimately helps calm your psyche and enables your body and soul to heal itself. Practising yoga twice a week or more is what keeps us grounded, sane, strong, compassionate, joyful, in touch with ourselves and with nature, and ready for whatever the modern world throws in our direction.

New to Yoga? Brilliant, we know exactly how that feels. We all have to start somewhere and whereas other sports and exercise can be competitive, yoga is different: it does not matter if the person next to you can stand on their head – what matters is your own personal practice. Stay with your breath, let go, and allow our amazing teachers to guide you along your path. Come to any ‘suitable for beginners’ or ‘restorative’ class and have a go alongside others at the start of their yoga journey.

Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in: shorts, leggings, t-shirt, vest. You might want some layers for slower, more relaxing sessions.

We have a shoes-off policy in the studio and reception, and have changing rooms with pigeon holes for your bag. While we have CCTV in the entrance, valuables like phones and keys may be left behind reception.

Mats and props are all provided but during a dynamic class you may want to bring a bottle of water and towel. It can get sweaty in there.

We provide fresh drinking water, while downstairs in St. Augustine’s Centre is a wonderful world food café offering all your favourite drinks and snacks. You could even treat yourself to dinner after class or a glass of red.

And there are no showers at SPACE.

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that over time cultivates union of body, mind and spirit. While coming to class once a week helps you tune into your body’s needs and provides immediate health benefits, a regular practice leads to increased flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga also helps relieve numerous ailments, such as indigestion, asthma, arthritis, insomnia and anxiety. At a deeper level, you will notice yourself feeling calmer, more centred, grounded, compassionate, and have an abundance of joy to share with others.

Yoga is both an exercise and/or a transformational experience, and can be as serious or as fun as you like. At SPACE we have created a studio that is dedicated to the highest possible standards of yoga teaching. But we also believe life is for living, and that having a good time is vital for good health and mental wellbeing.

Wherever your path leads, come to a walk-in class and we look forward to welcoming you into our growing community.

Booking: Pre-booking of classes is strongly encouraged to keep queueing to a minimum and guarantee your space. Prompt arrival will be more important than ever – please arrive 10mins before class. Please only come to SPACE if you are symptom-free.

Arrival: A one-way flow and check-in process will be in place with 15 minutes gaps between all classes. The changing room will be open but you are welcome to leave your belongings in reception.

PPE: Yoga is a spiritual discipline that requires the practitioner to utilise their breath in order to calm their nervous system. We surveyed our members and 90% of you said you would not practice in a face-mask. With this in mind, until we all receive different orders, face-masks are not mandatory for students, staff or teachers. However, if you wish to wear one, you are welcome to.

Props: All clients are kindly encouraged to bring their own equipment including mats and props. Sanitising spray and disposable paper towels will be freely available to clean any equipment used.

Hygene/Air Flow: The studio, reception and changing room will be deep cleaned every night and all touch points and props cleaned after each class. All windows and doors will be kept open to allow airflow, and two air purifiers have been installed to help eradicate any airborne germs.

Social Distancing: While at SPACE please be mindful of the importance of maintaining social distance. To help we have:
– reduced the capacity of all classes to allow for a 1m gap between mats;
– reconfigured the timetable to minimise queueing or any waiting around.

Teachers/staff will also aid social distancing by:
– promoting social distancing at the start of class and monitoring spacing;
– not providing hands-on assistance;
– not moving around the class or passing items to students;
– monitoring ventilation during class;
– reminding you to minimise any waiting around before and after class.

SPACE has an open-door policy – please feel free to pass on any feedback or concerns to us.