Lucy came to yoga from a young age and completed her teacher training in Northern India in Hatha and Ashtanga. As well as teaching yoga, she is a specialist in sexuality and gender and advocate for personal wellbeing. She brings this to her practice through her dedication to creating inclusive environments in which bodily awareness and self-acknowledgment are key.

Her classes aim to be accessible and enjoyable for all, taught with compassion, curiosity and humour, while accompanied by great, soothing music. With laughter and enthusiasm Lucy brings mindful awareness to both flow and stillness, guiding students through playful and nurturing sequences. Her classes encourage self-exploration, spaciousness and awareness of both strong and subtle sensations and energies within the body.

Ultimately, Lucy is passionate about yoga as a tool for personal wellbeing and self-care, in which we can all harvest a compassionate and accepting relationship with ourselves and bodies. Lucy holds spaces in which we can experience connection, wholeness and a sense of home within ourselves, welcoming the wobbles, frustrations and giggles which that brings.