Ange was born and raised in a rural town in Western Australia and moved to the UK in 2015. She now lives in the beautiful city of Brighton with my husband and our Labrador.

Her yoga journey started in her twenties and slowly without even realising it became a part of her internal essence. Some days it’s exercise, somedays it’s therapy… others just a moment of calm away from a busy life. After many years of practice, Ange decided to undertake her yoga teacher training at SPACE. Through dedicated practice, study and self-discovery yoga has since become a way of life. Ange’s passion & commitment to yoga allows her to continue her life-long journey from the teachings handed down through the ages.

The focus of Ange’s classes is to move and flow with an open heart. When you honour the beauty of your own unique body  you uncover freedom and joy through mindful movement: and everyone is welcome, come as you are.