Lucy’s love of movement began with dance when she was young and since she has always dedicated time to a physical practice, including training Capoeira for a number of years in the UK and Brazil. She has a deep passion for a truly holistic understanding of the individual, believing that our bodies and minds are one – inextricable – and through conscious awareness of this we can support our own healing and transformation. 

Lucy sees yoga as a framework for living an emotionally, physically and mentally healthy and authentic life and has been exploring and practising these different aspects of yoga for more than ten years, experiencing the profound benefits, which she loves to share with students. 

Lucy is a qualified 300H RYT, having trained at SPACE, and is honoured to be continuing her teaching journey within a team of exceptional, inspirational teachers. In Lucy’s classes you will be challenged to be curious and playful, both physically and mentally, and to enjoy your mat as a place for investigation and reflection. 

Lucy has a degree in Literature and likes to weave poetry and readings into her classes, inviting students to explore a theme or intention, often linked to the natural seasonal cycles. Lucy is also a qualified Acupuncturist, having completed a Bachelor of Science in Chinese Medicine, and incorporates the philosophy of this tradition into her teachings.