Before Jordan began teaching yoga he had been working the usual office life; but became dissatisfied with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of connection that this entailed. In 2010 he discovered yoga and it changed his entire outlook. He began to practise regularly and saw the benefits this had on his physical body, and perhaps more importantly, on his energy and mental state.

After a couple of years delving into the world of Mysore style Ashtanga under the expert guidance of Sarah Miles in Brighton, he completed his 200hr training with Tribe Yoga in Goa in 2014. It was a truly inspiring month, blessed with incredible teachers, one which left him ready and eager to share the teachings with the world. Recently, Jordan has completed a yoga teaching mentorship with Tashi Dawa of Kaliyoga Retreats, where he explored the wisdom of yoga and acquired a new appreciation of how to use yoga as a life practice on and off the mat.

Jordan teaches a strong, but accessible and mindful practice based loosely on the sequencing and principles of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Classes are fun, varied, inclusive and even a little bit sweaty! His aim is to create a well-rounded practice that will allow you to slow down from the busyness of life and reconnect with the present moment through the body and breath.