SPACE founder John discovered yoga on a trip around India in his 20s. For the next five years he committed to weekly practice in central London to counter-balance working as an English teacher. During this time, John had a series of epiphanies and had never felt so alive, awake, healthy, connected, and at peace with himself. For over 10 years, he has been practising yoga as discipline, exercise, and spiritual and moral journey. Yoga has become a way of life, helping him through the dark times and enlightening the path forward.

John has completed 700 hours of teaching training in India, most recently with his mentor and master yogi Simon Borg-Olivier. His classes are welcoming, open to all levels and are a balanced mixture of ancient and modern yogic traditions. He often leads from the front with few words and encourages active, fluid movement, and graceful transition between poses. Often set to curated music, John’s classes are a moving mediation delivered with refined teaching expertise and compassion for each human being on the mat.┬áRecently, John has undertaken numerous workshops related to healing trauma, and has begun incorporating various techniques into his classes. How we hold pain in our bodies fascinates John, and he is excited about the future of healing through yogic/somatic practices and sharing cutting edge modalities with his students.

John knows that the physical exercise of yoga gives us strength and health; as a breathing and mental practice it makes us calmer, patient, at times serene; and as a spiritual discipline it enlightens the way to a heightened state of consciousness. He has faith in the direct experience that practising yoga binds the realms of body, mind and spirit into a contiguous whole, making us feel more human and connected with others and the natural world.