John discovered yoga after his first wandering trip to India in 2009. For the next five years he practised weekly in central London to counter-balance working as an English teacher and hectic city living. On a holiday to Bali 3 years ago John undertook a yoga retreat for a week and had what you might call an epiphany. He had never felt so good, healthy, sensitive, conscious and at peace with himself. Since then he has been practising yoga as a discipline, exercise, and philosophical and moral journey. In due course yoga has become a way of life, helping him through the dark times and enlightening the path forward. 

Yoga has profoundly changed John and how he approaches life: as physical exercise it gives us strength and health; as a mental practice it makes us calmer, patient, at times serene; and as a spiritual discipline it lights the way to a deeper state of consciousness. He has faith in the direct experience that practising yoga binds the realms of body, mind and spirit into a contiguous whole, making us feel more human. It is a gift and path he wishes to share with as many people as possible.

Since completing 500 hours of teaching training in India John has taught Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga in London and Goa. His classes are a balanced mixture of ancient and modern yogic traditions, with a gentle focus on alignment and subtle return to the breath. Often set to appropriate and uplifting music, his classes at SPACE are shared with love, compassion and joy.