Bee has a passion for expression through movement and first experienced the power of radical artistic expression first through dance. After qualifying as an Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga teacher in 2019, she has made it her mission to create a space for people to unwind, let go, and show up, unapologetically, as themselves. Bee intuitively understands the depth yoga has to offer neurologically and physically, and has been on quite a journey creating a sense of unity within herself and with the local yoga community.

In Bee’s class you will be welcomed exactly as you find yourself in a space that celebrates sheer ‘humanness’. She offers challenges to strengthen the mind and body whilst creating fun, explorative yoga flows that encourage play through movement. A guided strong breath acts as an anchor throughout a practice. Bee fundamentally believes that the movement practice of yoga offers a somatic release and a space for an ‘unravelling’ to occur, ultimately leaving us more resilient, peaceful and aware.