James’ yoga journey began in 2011 when, after several years of neglecting his health, he discovered natural and sustainable methods of self-care. Initially James found meditation and subsequently enrolled in a ‘yoga for men’ Iyengar course. The realization that an alternative way of life existed, distinct from what he had always known, was a revelation. Over time, yoga has evolved from being a way to stretch his body, stay physically fit and prevent injury. It has become a path to self-discovery, enabling him to be more present and live life in a way that he instinctively knew was possible but lacked the necessary guidance to pursue. It was through establishing a daily practice that yoga began to encompass more than just asana. James caught a glimpse of its spiritual aspects, which have profoundly changed his life as he began to live in a way that felt more aligned with his true self.

Having completed the SPACE 300 Teacher Training, James is passionate about exploring all aspects of practice so that he can share his experience with others. Ultimately, he aspires to create a positive environment where we feel supported in exploring our own possibilities, deepen our practice, and connect with the essence of yoga.