Anna sparkled in Los Angeles as a designer, entrepreneur and yogi, but her heart desired adventure and knowledge… So for years she traveled the earth focusing on humanitarianism – en route, practicing and teaching yoga classes, workshops, retreats, festivals, and teacher trainings. Over 100 of her graduates are currently sharing yoga worldwide.

Since 1998, Anna has been fortunate to have studied with renowned teachers around the globe, all of whom have shaped her own practice and teaching approach. Her dharma is sharing her passion for spiritual balance, playful motion, and holistic wellbeing, and she devotes herself to exploring this – as a student and a teacher who aims to assist others in discovering and nurturing their ethos. She believes it’s deep rooted passion which sparks the joy that will maintain a strong self-practice, peace of mind, a happy life, and the ability and authenticity to share it with others.

Integrating appropriate anatomical alignment, challenging sequences and intelligent transitions with creativity, enthusiasm and joy, it’s been said that Anna plays yoga. During philosophical Yin classes, Anna’s captivating voice invokes peace; whilst her laughter-packed, Vinyasa flows culminate in blissful fun, focusing on strength, mindfulness and grace.

Anna’s loving, playful style of teaching instills confidence in students of all levels as she illuminates their strengths, gently guiding them toward their higher potential. She inspires light hearted courage, empowering others to shine – on and off the mat.