Rachael has been living and teaching yoga in Brighton for over 10 years. She started practising almost 20 years ago whilst working in a busy and often stressful job in Hong Kong; in that first yoga class she experienced the feeling of ‘coming home’ to her body, an intangible sense of happiness and deeper connection. From that moment on she felt inspired to begin a lifetime’s journey of learning about yoga whilst deepening her own practice and sharing it with others.

Rachael did her first teacher training with Simon Low, principal of the Yoga Academy and cofounder of Triyoga. Since then she has trained with many internationally respected teachers including Sarah Powers, Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi, Pete Blackaby, Jason Crandell and most recently Kate Ellis on her Embodied Relational Yoga Therapy training. Rachael’s teaching is inspired by all these teachers and the various styles of yoga that they practise, all of whom share the common theme of authenticity and a profound respect for the anatomy of the human body.

In her practice and her teaching Rachael focusses on mindful movement and the depth and stillness of held postures combined with attention to the breath. She encourages her students to turn their attention inwards and to practise with a sense of ease and spaciousness in the body, prioritising this over achieving more complex ‘shapes’. Her classes incorporate elements from all the teachings that have influenced her including mindfulness, vinyasa flow, somatic movement, Scaravelli and restorative yoga. She believes that the practice of yoga is a process of self-exploration in body and mind that will bring us to a sense of deeper connection and balance both on and off the mat.