Intro to Synergy: Synergy is a system that marries aspects and techniques from both Indian ‘asana’ and Chinese ‘qi gong’, which look to open our awareness and deepen connectivity with our own internal healing systems, especially the enteric nervous system: ‘the core’. It was designed by brilliant yogis Simon Borg Oliver and Bianca Machliss to help redress and rebalance the translation of yoga from the East to the West, and rewrite and expand the possibilities of what yoga can be for everyone.

What to expect: The class will begin with a brief description of the style and foundations of the practice. You will then be lead silently through a sequence by observing and mirroring the teacher, in order to stimulate a more visual approach to learning. This spinal movements sequence is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners as its helps to create energetic space consistently throughout the body. You’ll find your energy releases, blockages dissolve, and naturally the breath in the blood (prana) starts to flow unheeded. The sequence will mainly be a spinal awakening sequence (to enhance the nervous system) and will also include some more typical asana postures.