A yoga and meditation teacher, Andy is passionate about helping people to connect deeply with their inner life-force. A trained Shiatsu massage therapist, Andy is a master at helping his students and clients honour and celebrate their bodies and cultivate peace in their minds and hearts.

Andy has taught mindfulness for 6 years and practised yoga asana for 12. It was on his mat a few years ago that he realised what yoga had come to mean to him and that he had to share its treasures with others. Indeed, some of his most peaceful, blissed out, loving and empowered moments have arisen on the mat. For him yoga is the path towards true and total freedom, the path home, the path on which all can learn, serve and love.

On the way Andy has journeyed through various styles including, Vinyasa, Anusara, Kundalini and Kriya yoga, and folds elements from each into his own practice and classes. Likewise, Andy’s lived experience in Shiatsu and Meditation are entwined into his creative sequences. Shared with calm, dedication and imagination, Andy invites you to explore yourself and feel better in the process.